How-To Make A Black & Tan

The Black & Tan is two parts beer: pale ale and stout.

Black & Tan

If poured correctly, a Black & Tan creates a beautifully layered beer cocktail of stout (usually Guinness) atop a layer of pale ale (usually Bass Ale).

While commonly associated with St. Patrick’s Day, one thing made with Guinness that is not Irish is the Black and Tan. The Black & Tan actually originated in England, where consumers have blended different beers since at the seventeenth century and one of the first recorded drink use is to have been documented.

With the use of a Black & Tan Spoon, our a makeshift one at home, you can easily make this layered masterpiece of a drink.

Step 1: Fill the glass halfway with a Pale Ale.

Pale Ale being poured into a beer glass

Step 2: Hang the black and tan spoon over the mouth of the glass.

Black & Tan Spoon on Glass

Step 3: Pour a Stout over the spoon & fill the rest of the glass.

Stout being poured over Black & Tan Spoon

Step 4: Let sit for 5 seconds.

Black & Tan

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