Drink Like A Spaniard: 3 Easy Ways To Use A Porron

Tackling the Spanish tradition, here are three easy ways to use a porron.

Porrons filled with wine

Born in Catalonia, Spain, the porron drinking vessel was created long ago as a means to economically share wine with a group of friends. Still popular across much of Spain today (and quickly spreading across the U.S.) the ways to use a porron are fairly straightforward but all hinge on the degree of risk you are willing to take  . . . and the level of entertainment you are looking to provide the table.

Whatever your comfort level, here are three ways to use this timeless, spanish drinking vessel:


At your least reckless, you can use the porron purely to store and display wine on your countertop or table. Permitting it has a cork, the carafe can be sealed off at the top – and since the pitcher is a spout that tapers off to the small opening for pouring/drinking, it is shaped perfectly so that the wine will have minimal contact with the air – all while being readily available to be used at any moment.

Porron on an outdoor table


Intermediately, you can use a porron as a fancy serving tool to impress guests. As you would for any other party or dinner, you can have a few varieties available at the table for guests to choose their preferred beverage from. Traditionally porrones are filled with wine, cider or shandy, but many restaurants are now expanding their offering to include beer and rose. Whatever your drink(s) of choice, a porron generally hold .75 liters (about a standard bottle of wine).

Pouring wine into a porron


Mastery of the porron will come when you can drink from its spout – the show stopper of all the uses. Drinking can be conquered in four easy steps:

Step 1: Fill the porron with wine

If you are a newbie, practice with water or another light colored beverage first. You’re shirt will thank you.

Step 2: Start low

Hold the porron comfortably in your hand, then raise the nozzle close to your mouth. As a stream starts to flow from the porron, begin to tilt your head back. Avoid letting the spout touch your mouth. The porron is meant to share your drink, not your germs.  

Step 3: Extend high

With a quick flick of your wrist, as your head is still tilt back, begin to slowly extend your arm up to elevate the porron in the air. The porron will create a long, arched stream of your beverage into your mouth.

Step 4: Finish low

After extending high, reverse your wrist and arm motion back to your starting position so that the porron is near your mouth and the beverage has stopped flowing.

Whether you play it safe or dive mouth open into the vino waterfall, the porron is a timeless drinking tool that is perfect for any get together. Fan or not, it will certainly capture the amazement of all guests and onlookers alike.


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