6 Apps To Get Beer and Alcohol Delivered To Your Home

Technology is a wonderful thing. There is an emerging market for apps and websites that specialize in alcohol home delivery.

alcohol delivery apps

You’ve known for a while that KegWorks is your go-to option for when you need kick-ass tools for drinking delivered to your door. We have just about everything you need to mix, shake and pour your favorite adult beverages. But, what happens you need spirits, wine or beer delivered? Well, there’s an app for that. 

The home delivery of alcohol is a growing industry with a number of apps and websites to choose from depending on your drink of choice. So, after your next order from KegWorks, check out the following places that can bring some booze to your door.

Please note: The availability of some of these services may depend on where you live. 

1. Drizly


If you need your delivery in a hurry, then Drizly is the way to go. You shop from liquor stores in your area through the Drizly app or site, and then they deliver it to you in 60 minutes or less. It’s perfect for when friends drop by unexpectedly or for when you run out during a party. They also have a great gift guide section with gift shipping options that include a note from you. Drizly is one of the more widely available delivery app services.

2. Minibar

minibar app

Currently available in over 35 major cities in the U.S., Minibar works with local spirit retailers in your area to deliver your order within a few days. Minibar’s site is a great resource if you are planning a party because they have an event planner page that shows you how much booze to buy. You input how many guests you’ve invited, the time of day and length of your event and what types of alcohol you want to serve and it will tell you how much to order. They even break it down by variety when it comes to wine (red or white), liquor (vodka, whiskey, gin, etc) and beer (domestic vs. import). 

3. Winc

winc alcohol delivery app

Do you love wine, but you never know what bottle to pick when you go to the store? Winc helps you make your decision by asking you a series of questions to curate a flavor profile. Then they select four wines and ship them to you. Winc offers a subscription service then sends you four wines every month based on your tastes and feedback from other wines you’ve purchased from them. You can also customize your order to include some of your favorites in your delivery.

4. Saucey

saucey alcohol delivery app

Operating in a number of major American markets, Saucey offers an on-demand selection of beer, wine and liquor. They promise to deliver your order in 30 minutes or less! It might take you that long to drive to the liquor store, so let them do it. Saucey also offers 2-day shipping to anywhere in California and New York.

5. Swill

swill alcohol delivery app

Swill lets you have your favorite alcoholic beverages delivered to your door in less than 60 minutes. You can order from their website, app for mobile devices or even your Apple Watch. Need a bag of ice or limes for your cocktails? They can deliver those too. Send a bottle to a friend or loved one as a gift with Swill as well.

6. Postmates

postmates alcohol delivery app

Postmates is great for delivering food from your favorite restaurants, but did you know they can deliver booze too? In select markets, Postmates will bring you beer, wine and spirits in under an hour. Now you can pair your favorite drink or beer with your takeout. 

If you aren’t in a rush or planning for an event in advance then check with bars, restaurants and craft producers in your area to see if they can deliver to your home. Some states allow these establishments to deliver directly to consumers. You may need to order food in addition to beer or wine to be eligible for delivery. Again, it depends on state and local laws.  

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  • A Young May 25, 2020 @ 7:48pm

    These apps are great fro the USA, but in Canada there are less options. In Mississauga you can order online through liquordelivery289.com but apps are few and far between.

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